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Home Visit Makes a Difference

I must report the lasting effect of your healing session with me last week. The procedure worked…and on many levels! I really dug the Reiki. The home visit makes an incredible difference in the effectiveness of treatment.

Judith P.

Most Generous Practitioner We Know

Jill is one of the most generous practitioners we know. She is loving and kind, listens with a truly open heart, and uses her skills, experience, and insight to promote strength and health. Jill brings so many modalities to the table and integrates them in ways that are scientific and intuitive. Both of us have experienced increased health and wellbeing

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Helped My Lower Back, Hip, and IT Band

Jill has helped me to heal physical problems in my lower back, hip and IT band using a multidisciplinary approach. Her efficacious use of acupuncture, cupping and Reiki brought relief from muscle cramps and inflamed fascia that were restricting my physical activity. On another occasion her treatments have assisted my body and mind to release and recover from traumatic stress.

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First Session Headache Free for 3 Weeks

As a young adult, I was misdiagnosed with “chronic migraines” and put on a bunch of medications that never worked. The side effects of said meds were awful: nausea, break-through headaches, grogginess, tingly fingers and toes, dry mouth, insomnia and the list goes on. To make matters worse, I had a headache 5-6 times a week.

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