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Specialty Treatments

The Big Enchilada!
This popular Esoteric acupuncture treatment balances all your chakras, repairs any tears or leaks in your aura, helps to raise your consciousness while grounding you further and is heart-chakra based. Great treatment to receive especially if you are feeling out of sync with life or would like some assistance on manifesting your desires. Recommended during each change of season for balance and integration of the new energy.
Pricing: $180

Gold Needle Treatment
Do you have an upcoming special event that is worth celebrating such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, retirement, or moving to a new home? Then a Gold Needle treatment is right for you and also makes for a great unique gift. Patients report that this treatment feels like champagne bubbles, adding a celebratory affect, and they want to come back for more.
Pricing: $144

Cellular Release Treatment
This is a “needle free” treatment. The first half of the session assists to release fear, traumas, negativity, judgments, doubts, and unworthiness at the cellular level. The second half of the session brings forward love, joy, creativity, light, clarity, peace, and abundance. An excellent choice when you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, negativity, and unworthiness. This treatment will definitely help lighten you up!
Pricing: $144

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