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First Visit

first-visitWhen you arrive, we will discuss your health concerns, as well as your medical history, diet, and lifestyle. You will not be rushed to explain your issues in a 15 minute sound bite.

It is important that we understand the whole person, because Chinese medicine doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it also addresses the underlying cause of the symptoms. That’s what makes this approach to health care more effective. It treats both the symptoms and the root cause of the imbalance.

Other diagnostic methods that are used include taking your pulse and looking at your tongue.

Next, a treatment plan will be discussed based on your specific needs before we proceed. The plan will address both the symptoms and the root cause. The goal is to deliver a treatment plan that will help you reasonably achieve your wellness goals as quickly as possible.

During the treatment, most of the needles are inserted below the elbows and knees, so there is usually no need to undress for your appointment. Just remember to dress comfortably and eat a little food prior to your visit.

You will feel more relaxed and calm as the needles work to rebalance and harmonize your body. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during their treatment.


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